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Pro Member Subscription Changes

New Subscription Benefits In striving to bring more value to Pro Members of the Genetic Matrix site we have made the following changes to the Pro Member Service Annual Membership Discount Offer  From today, your Pro Membership can be renewed … Continue reading

New Chart – Chiron Return Chart

We have today released a new chart for you. This is the Chiron Return Chart. Turning 50, or thereabouts, marks a new paradigm for your life as Chiron returns to its natal position. This momentous watershed delineates the end of … Continue reading

New Chart – Uranus Opposition Chart

We have today released a new chart for you. This is the Uranus Opposition or Mid-Life Chart. The next free chart released will come during the week of 03 March 2014. This will be our new Chiron Return Chart. Cheers. … Continue reading

New Chart – Saturn Return Charts 1, 2 & 3

We have today released a new chart for you. This is the Saturn Return Chart. You can now create unlimited 1st, 2nd and 3rd Saturn Cycle Return Charts. The next chart to be released will be the Uranus Opposition Chart … Continue reading

New Chart – Dream Chart

We are delighted to release a new type of chart for you to gain another perspective of your design. This is the Dream Chart. A Dream reading will be offered as a companion to this in the near future along … Continue reading

New Charts and Functions within your Client Center

I am pleased to announce a large scale upgrade to your Genetic Matrix Client Center. All registered clients have been automatically upgraded with these new facilities for free. 1 – New – All Foundation Charts are now “Foundation – Ultimate” … Continue reading

New Client Center Functions

Today I have made some improvements to your personal Client Center functions. You will now see: Enhancement 1 – a “Print to PDF” Button on every chart in your Client Center. When clicked this will automatically create an Adobe PDF … Continue reading