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Uranus Opposition Reading

This reading covers the mid-life cycle themes that need to be understood and integrated if you are between 38 and 43 years of age.


What is a Uranus Opposition Reading?

It is Uranus that triggers the “mid-life crisis” for people. It can shatter what you think your life is, as well as what you think it stands for by changing your focus to move towards something else. It often feels like a new beginning. This reading reveals the themes and lessons that Uranus has triggered in your life.


Why is this important?

This is a radical change point in your life and can bring serious upheaval and potential for anxiety if not understood.


How will this reading help me?

Learning the when’s, where’s, and what’s of your Uranus Opposition can help you be prepared to make better choices when the time comes in your life to let go of the past so as to make way for your future.

What can I expect to receive in my reading?

You will receive a personal reading of approximately 2 hours in length depending on your design.

This reading is delivered in 2 mp3 audio parts and precisely describes the energies that you will meet, the events that you may expect to face, as well as their challenges, opportunities and lessons. This reading reveals clear signposts to watch for.

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