Human Design – The Magnetic Monopole

The Magnetic Monopole sits in our human Sternum and is a bio-magnet with two purposes.

1 – It holds the Unconscious Genetic Design of each individual human being together with its Conscious Genetic Personality. And in doing so it juxtaposes the two imprints which creates a “Quantum” Genetic Design. Juxtaposition means they are placed side by side NOT merged together. This “Quantum” is a synthesis of both juxtaposed genetic imprints. The synthesis of the two designs creates a unique design all of its own.

2 – The Magnetic Monopole also holds each individual to his or her unique life trajectory. In other words, it provides our individual human geometry; it guides us through our life path from past to future and from conception to death.

Interestingly the Magnetic Monopole is a magnet that always attracts and never repels like traditional magnets. It literally pulls or “attracts” the unconcious and concious designs. This magnetic attraction holds these two elements in place within your body.

In each human individual the Magnetic Monopole is also “attracted” to a specific unique “fractal” geometric line; this fractal attraction is unique to each individual. The Magnetic Monopole moves us along that unique fractal line – that is in effect our life course. This is why the Magnetic Monopole is the “Driver” of our body.

It is the Magnetic Monopole which is “driving” each human individual through its life. It is not your “mind” that dictates or chooses your life course. It is your unique Magnetic Monopole that moves you through space and time.