Projector Strategy

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Human Design Projector Strategy

The Human Design Projector Strategy for decision making means that you need to wait for recognition and invitation.

Your decision making strategy for the typical major decisions in your life – Your love relationships, your career/job, where you live, what to study, a Projector should wait for an invitation. This invitation is a sign that someone recognises the qualities that you are carrying

Projectors are designed to wait to be recognised and then invited. Once you have accepted the invitation (with reference to your inner authority) you will gain access not only to your full energy resources but you will also receive the energy source that the person inviting you has made available to you too. So selecting the correct invitation is critical for Projectors.

If you do not wait for a clear invitation before making one of these major decisions in your life you will meet a great deal of resistance from the world around you. This resistance will make you exhausted and your predominant feelings will become bitterness. Bitterness with life in general.