Manifestor Strategy

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Manifestor Strategy

If you are a Manifestor you must Inform (tell) others of your actions before you act. This immediately removes the feeling in others that you, as a Manifestor, are going to cause some level of disruption or change in their life or the environment around them. The natural reaction by other people to Manifestor’s (who do not inform) is to put barriers in their way. Other people will resist you and try to stop or restrict your actions.

However, if you inform the people who might be affected by your actions or decisions before you go ahead and do it you will dramatically reduce or eliminate the resistance you meet from other people. These people are even likely to try and help instead of hinder you!

Being a Manifestor does not mean that you must be spontaneous in your actions. Being a Manifestor means that you can carefully select the appropriate action to take (manifest) with reference to you inner authority and then immediately initiate that action. Splenic Manifestor’s can and should be spontaneous because that is the nature of their inner authority (The Spleen can only acts in the now).

There is a specific variation to this strategy for Manifestor children. Children cannot go around informing everyone what they are about to do. This will create great resistance in their life. Instead of informing, Manifestor children must ask their parents or other significant authority in their life before they manifest or do something. If there is no adult involved then Manifestor children should inform not ask other children just like an adult manifestor would do. But when dealing with adults they must ask first.

If you do not inform (or ask) others before you manifest something you will meet significant resistance in many forms from the world around you. When this resistance to your actions occurs your own predominant feelings will be anger. Manifestor’s can be very angry people if they are not following their strategy!