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Human design is the answer

The value of knowing one’s self is immeasurable. Human Design allows the unfoldment of self to be a natural process.

Part of the power of Human Design lies in the fact that as we listen to the details of our individual reading, a realignment process with our true self begins.

It does not require memorization or nights of study. Merely hearing the truth of our genetic design begins to allow cellular reorganization in our bodies.This starts a process (at a physical and energetic level) in which our genetic ‘truth’ both realigns and heals us.
Once we know our own personal blueprint which states where we are flexible (or not); reliable (or not); where our power and voice generate from; and begin to live it, then WHO WE ARE is empowered and WHO WE ARE NOT (i.e. resistance and other negative aspects of our lives) is greatly reduced.We know what parts of us are open to change and what parts are fixed about us and need to just be accepted. We can ‘get on with life’ vs. wrestling with our mind.
With such acceptance and knowledge, we begin to attract life events and people who empower us and support us in our growth.We stop comparing ourselves to others and begin to walk our own path.We stop listening to the mind (society’s programming) and our own inner strength and wisdom expand.
In living our unique design, life unfolds before us and we know who and what we can trust. We know our individual strategy and have a resource to return to when questions or challenges arise.As we live by our own inner authority and in alignment with our true self, we gain a peace and understanding. A strength and power within shines through and is emitted to those around us. Life holds greater harmony, allowing improved relationships in all areas of life.
Others are drawn to that self-assurance and higher energy. They begin to seek their own real selves.As more of us live true to why we are here, our lives have meaning as we fulfill our destiny and purpose.With greater self-knowledge expanding outward for all humanity, we each become more accepting and a world of peace and harmony can become a reality.

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