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Human Design – Incarnation Crosses

All of us were born or “incarnated” with an incarnation cross theme for our lives.

This theme represents where your life direction or life purpose lies IF you follow your strategy and inner inner authority correctly.

    • There are 768 basic Incarnation cross variations in Human Design.
    • 448 are Right Angle crosses – Personal Destiny.
    • 256 are Left Angle Crosses – Transpersonal Destiny.
    • 64 are Juxtaposition crosses – Fixed Fate.
    • The 768 basic Incarnation Crosses have been given 112 thematic names.
    • It is this thematic name that appears on your Human Design chart.

See the full list of Right Angle Incarnation Cross Names.

The 448 right angle incarnation crosses have 16 thematic names. Each right angle thematic name occurs once in each of the four quarters of the Human Design Wheel. So each thematic name occurs four times in total. E.G. The name “Right Angle Cross of the Four Ways” occurs four times; once in each quarter.

See the full list of Left Angle Incarnation Cross Names.

The 256 Left Angle Incarnation Crosses have 32 thematic names. Each name occurs once in two separate quarters. E.G. – The name “Left Angle Cross of Masks” occurs twice in the four quarters.

See the full list of Juxtaposition Incarnation Cross Names.

The 64 Juxtaposition Incarnation Crosses have 64 thematic names. Each name occurs only once in a specific quarter. E.G. The name “Juxtaposition Cross of Fates” occurs only once across all of the four quarters.

Another Level – At the very deepest level of Human Design knowledge these 768 basic Incarnation Crosses become a total of 69,120 possible incarnation crosses. These relate to the specific gates, lines, colors, tones and bases that you were born in. It is beyond the scope of this website to take you to that level of detail.

But, suffice to say, if you receive the correct description of your Incarnation Cross within the 768 basic variations it will be enough for you to understand the direction and nature of your life purpose.

How do I find my Incarnation Cross Quarter?

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