Sleep Reading

The Sleep Reading has deep relevance for all people and understanding it can bring even more awareness to your awakened life.


What is a Sleep Reading?

Each time you move into the sleep state your body changes to a five centered format. This is your Sleep body. Aspects of your awakened consciousness are triggered in the sleep state and these operate within the new body framework. The Sleep Reading describes each level of your Sleep State from the basic conditioning that impacts your awake state, to your full sleep persona with its story and fulfilment.


Why is this important?

A sleep Reading is important because you can understand the deepest aspects of programme conditioning on your design and how this will impact your awakened state. In addition, understanding your Sleep persona is very important relative to your awakened correctness.


How will this reading help me?

The Sleep Reading will bring you a precise map of your sleeping design and how that is impacted by sleep transit conditioning. It is this process that chemically feeds into your awakened state and conditions you. Knowing this is very important relative to awakened correctness.


What can I expect to receive in my reading?

You will receive a reading covering each level of your Sleep state. First, the basic sleep level that creates conditioning weak points in your awakened design. Then a full persona story of your Sleep fundamentals and an analysis of your continuity of higher programming through Sleep portal zones.

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