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Do You Know What You Are ?

We are each a uniquely designed part of the whole with a role written only for us to fulfill. How can this be? How does it work?

We get caught up in our daily lives and rarely wonder what the role might be that we play in the larger scheme of the universe.However, we each are here, as a ‘one of a kind’ spoke, cog or wheel, designed to fit together with other parts of the ‘mechanism’ of the universe with our own unique part to fulfill.Life runs smoothly when we discover our true role to play and are freed from the limitations of not being who we are designed to be.
How can Human Design explain our role?Human Design is able to show us each our individual design through a synthesis of science, cosmology, bio-mechanics and profound esoteric knowledge (The I Ching, The Hindu Brahman Chakra System, Astrology, and the Kabbala (Tree of Life).It is the synthesis of all this knowledge that forms the Human Design System and it is this system of knowledge that can accurately describe each person’s unique differentiated genetic imprint.
How does it do this?For each of us as an individual, every cell in our body contains the information of ‘all of you’ (i.e. replicates the information of one cell into every cell).This is what uniquely ‘imprints’ each of us to fulfill our place in the matrix of life.
Each cell within us also has our own unique ‘differentiated imprinting’ encoded.This is what makes us different from everyone else and comes from ‘the matrix of all of what is’ (i.e. the chemistry of life itself).
How does this happen?At key points of our birth development cycle, all of the cells in our body are literally programmed to function in a certain way by the action of neutrino’s passing through our two conscious crystals.Throughout life, certain aspects of who we are and who we will be are triggered as these neutrinos are filtered through our unique crystals of consciousness and interact with our specific genetic DNA.
This sets into motion a specific path and purpose – OUR own unique, one of a kind, path and purpose.Human Design can describe the uniqueness of who we are. It will explain where in life we get ‘tripped up’ (see the Not Self) and how to follow our individual strategy and inner authority which is our body’s steering or guidance mechanism.By following our own strategy and inner authority, we will fulfill both our individual and universal roles and path. With ease and enjoyment we will do, and be, that which we’ve come here to be in our daily lives, while making a difference on a universal level, as well.

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