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Career Reading

This reading provides a clear understanding of how you are designed to operate in the material world of work and money.


What is a Career Reading?

The material plane of life is something that we are all designed to each uniquely master through the nature of our design. This reading shows you where your gifts, talents and energies can best be deployed to bring you maximum material benefit.


Why is this important?

Material stability and abundance is critical for a transcendent life of purpose and prosperity.


How will this reading help me?

Everyone must have accessibility to materials and to be able to collect money and resources in order to survive and prosper as a biological form requiring constant fuel (food), shelter and protection.

This reading will help you to identify where you best fit in terms of the material world in order to be your most successful and satisfied in that process.

What can I expect to receive in my reading?

You will receive a personal reading of approximately 70-90 Minutes in length depending on the nature of your design.

This reading is delivered in a single mp3 audio part and reveals precisely how your Career Design brings clear signs as to the best context for gaining material resources. Should you work alone? As a partnership? A small team? A larger corporation? Where are your talents best utilized? These questions are answered in this reading.

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