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Client Testimonials



Ohio, USA

"I am still getting through the material you sent, and enjoying it very much-the whole concept of Human Design and the details are actually quite amazing. I can not tell you enough - thanks so much for [the]recordings. It is tremendously helpful-and you have a fantastic voice to listen to."

5/1 Ego Manifestor, Single Definition, Left Angle Cross of The Clarion 1



Texas, USA

"Wow ! ! Deep breath.....exhale....Center.......feel......
Now ...........
These 7 hours were powerful ! It is a monumental amount of work to do these readings. Thank you."

2/4 Pure Generator, Double Split Definition, Right Angle Cross of The Vessel of Love 2



Prostejov, Czech Republic

"I have listened through about half of my reading and I am truly amazed! I truly see a lot of it ringing true and a lot of it being inside subconsciously so it is great to know now for sure! (i.e. the thing with my emotional center to be white and how I pick up on other's emotions...yup, that is so true.) I truly appreciate all your time and energy. This reading has definitely opened new horizons for me."

6/2 Splenic Projector, Double Split Definition, Left Angle Cross of The Plane 1



New York, USA

"What an amazing reading!! Thank you for putting so much into it. it was so detailed and specific and totally right on... It validates the work I have
been doing in my life. I already feel a greater sense of peace from it. As I was listening, I couldn't help but feel impressed by your marathon recording session. Being a musician, I know that it can be an exhaustive practice. I imagine you must get quite tired!! I am sending you my deep-felt gratitude for the work you are doing..."

4/6 Splenic Manifestor, Single Definition, Right Angle Cross of The Sphinx 1