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Client Testimonials



Texas, USA

"Wow ! ! Deep breath.....exhale....Center.......feel......
Now ...........
These 7 hours were powerful ! It is a monumental amount of work to do these readings. Thank you."

2/4 Pure Generator, Double Split Definition, Right Angle Cross of The Vessel of Love 2



Prostejov, Czech Republic

"I have listened through about half of my reading and I am truly amazed! I truly see a lot of it ringing true and a lot of it being inside subconsciously so it is great to know now for sure! (i.e. the thing with my emotional center to be white and how I pick up on other's emotions...yup, that is so true.) I truly appreciate all your time and energy. This reading has definitely opened new horizons for me."

6/2 Splenic Projector, Double Split Definition, Left Angle Cross of The Plane 1



New York, USA

"What an amazing reading!! Thank you for putting so much into it. it was so detailed and specific and totally right on... It validates the work I have
been doing in my life. I already feel a greater sense of peace from it. As I was listening, I couldn't help but feel impressed by your marathon recording session. Being a musician, I know that it can be an exhaustive practice. I imagine you must get quite tired!! I am sending you my deep-felt gratitude for the work you are doing..."

4/6 Splenic Manifestor, Single Definition, Right Angle Cross of The Sphinx 1



Vermont, USA

"Thank you for the reading. Lots to digest! Many things that you mentioned were validating and extremely helpful. I am on the path to "know thy self" and that was clearly emphasized in the reading. One area you touched on in the reading was the suggestion that homeopathy/naturapathic medications would be more aligned with my genetic make up. That was extremely helpful to hear. Again, thank you. Great vibration in your voice by the way! You really are someone very special."

4/6 Pure Manifesting Generator, Single Definition, Right Angle Cross of The Sphinx 2