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Client Testimonials



Tennessee, United States

"I wanted to thank you for the excellent reading of my HD chart. It has been an amazing 3 months. My husband, who you read for wanted me to acknowledge you here for his reading, as well. We have both been immersed in studying our respective designs on a daily basis. Also, we very much appreciate the generous amount of time you devoted for this new beginning in our lives."

1/3 Mental Projector, Right Angle Cross of Consciousness 3



Halden, Norway

"Thank you for revealing these aspects which shows me a way to move to a higher and more fulfilling frequency. I must say that I find Human Design more and more fascinating. And this is mostly thanks to you and your fantastic readings. I`m really grateful."

6/2 Emotional Generator, Quadruple Split, Left Angle Cross of Dedication 2



Costa Rica, Central America

"Super super gracias for your reading. l have to listen 3 times every part to understand (my Ingles is not very good) but I'm in the 3rd part now and can not express in ingles how thankful l am to HD and you for all that information. l work as a therapist massage and l think [my work] is very in concordance with my design. Everything makes sense now, and I still haven't finished!!!"

2/4 Emotional Generator, Single Definition, Right Angle Cross of Contagion 4



Ohio, USA

"I am still getting through the material you sent, and enjoying it very much-the whole concept of Human Design and the details are actually quite amazing. I can not tell you enough - thanks so much for [the]recordings. It is tremendously helpful-and you have a fantastic voice to listen to."

5/1 Ego Manifestor, Single Definition, Left Angle Cross of The Clarion 1