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Client Testimonials



California, United States

"I'm chattering with wonderfully excited and profoundly frequency-raising energy. Thank you! Your reading was perhaps the single most profound reading (both from the system itself, along with your own wonderful interaction with it and clear expression of it) that I've ever had the blessings to receive. You've done outstanding work and I do really appreciate the CONFIRMATION of many aspects of my Soul from your mastery of the Design system and from your extremely intuitive and brilliant abilities. The TRUST of myself you've elicited, from myself, was/is pretty amazing."

2/4 Pure Manifesting Generator, Right Angle Cross of Penetration 4



Tennessee, United States

"I wanted to thank you for the excellent reading of my HD chart. It has been an amazing 3 months. My husband, who you read for wanted me to acknowledge you here for his reading, as well. We have both been immersed in studying our respective designs on a daily basis. Also, we very much appreciate the generous amount of time you devoted for this new beginning in our lives."

1/3 Mental Projector, Right Angle Cross of Consciousness 3



Halden, Norway

"Thank you for revealing these aspects which shows me a way to move to a higher and more fulfilling frequency. I must say that I find Human Design more and more fascinating. And this is mostly thanks to you and your fantastic readings. I`m really grateful."

6/2 Emotional Generator, Quadruple Split, Left Angle Cross of Dedication 2



Costa Rica, Central America

"Super super gracias for your reading. l have to listen 3 times every part to understand (my Ingles is not very good) but I'm in the 3rd part now and can not express in ingles how thankful l am to HD and you for all that information. l work as a therapist massage and l think [my work] is very in concordance with my design. Everything makes sense now, and I still haven't finished!!!"

2/4 Emotional Generator, Single Definition, Right Angle Cross of Contagion 4