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Client Testimonials



Bejing, China

"I think you are very talented and you know your work so very, very well !!!

I have seen all my life through your reading…and I am really impressed!!

Thank you very much!!."

6/2 Emotional Generator,  Triple Split Definition, Left Angle Cross of Education 2



Michigan, USA

"Thank you so much for your time and clarity. I had a previous Human Design reading that I struggled to relate to and understand. In learning more over the Internet, I wanted a chance for a reading that would be more meaningful to me. Your reading so far has been that for me. I not only understand more about what it means to be a manifesting generator, single definition, 5/1 but I have a greater understanding of how Human Design works. I also appreciate the personal style with which you do the readings. I feel as if you are speaking directly to me and that we know each other. Thank you."

5/1, Pure Manifesting Generator, LAC Industry 1



Vienna, Austria

"Thanks a lot for this fantastic reading. I will recommend you further to some of my friends, if you are ok with this."

4/6 Emotional Generator, Right Angle Cross of Penetration 1



Salem, MA, USA

"John, I am beyond words and I'm only a half hour into the reading. I'm having a hard time comprehending how you do this...I expected some of it to be pre-recorded information that was generic. The accurateness is astounding. Thank you isn't enough, but thank you very much for this incredible gift. I simply am overwhelmed already and so excited to hear it all! Of course! Many blessings to you, my friend."

2/4 Pure Manifesting Generator, Right Angle Cross of The Sphinx 4