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Client Testimonials


Alice Watson

London, UK

"What an amazing reading!! Thank you for putting so much into it.

It was so detailed and specific and totally right on... It validates the work I have been doing in my life. I already feel a greater sense of peace from it.

As I was listening, I couldn't help but feel impressed by your marathon recording session. I imagine you must get quite tired!! I am sending you my deep-felt gratitude for the work you are doing..."

6/2 Splenic Projector, Single Definition, Left Angle Cross of Identification 2



Bejing, China

"I think you are very talented and you know your work so very, very well !!!

I have seen all my life through your reading…and I am really impressed!!

Thank you very much!!."

6/2 Emotional Generator,  Triple Split Definition, Left Angle Cross of Education 2



Michigan, USA

"Thank you so much for your time and clarity. I had a previous Human Design reading that I struggled to relate to and understand. In learning more over the Internet, I wanted a chance for a reading that would be more meaningful to me. Your reading so far has been that for me. I not only understand more about what it means to be a manifesting generator, single definition, 5/1 but I have a greater understanding of how Human Design works. I also appreciate the personal style with which you do the readings. I feel as if you are speaking directly to me and that we know each other. Thank you."

5/1, Pure Manifesting Generator, LAC Industry 1



Vienna, Austria

"Thanks a lot for this fantastic reading. I will recommend you further to some of my friends, if you are ok with this."

4/6 Emotional Generator, Right Angle Cross of Penetration 1