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Client Testimonials




“Thank you so much for this wonderful Foundation Design Reading. I am starting to listen to your reading for the second time now – there is just so much to grasp and digest, that I have to take it in bit by bit.

I really am both thankful and astonished about how accurate and detailed this HD system can describe this being called me! I have had many many “AHAs” about why I experience the world as I do, and why I sometimes behave (as oddly) as I do - as I listen to the reading.

It is such a relief to hear these words that resonate so deeply within me - I experience that it gives me a real possibility to fully accept who I am and not to try and change anything.

I also appreciate your warnings and the pitfalls to look out for – very useful!”

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Henny Kuut

The Netherlands

“I'm very grateful to my sister for introducing me to HD and John Yuill.

The foundation reading he did for me was a revelation.

Later I asked him to do a relationship chart, which helped me understand why things work or don't work between me and my husband.

I also realised how helpful HD could be for my grandchildren and their parents, my children, and asked John, with my children's permission, to do the charts for my three granddaughters.

I'm convinced that my grandchildren will benefit from John's clear and very pleasant way of explaining HD.”

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“I want to thank you for the work that you did.Your reading my Human Design Chart was for me as a reference book.

I did not change myself, I changed the opinion of myself. Oh I cannot describe in words what you have done for me.

I began to follow my strategy and I stopped to say yes to everybody and everything. I began to listen to myself and wait for the exact answer to come by itself.

I am no longer afraid to say no to something I did not want to!

I can write a lot about this fascinating world of human design.

And I'm really glad you did my reading, John!”

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Alice Watson

London, UK

"What an amazing reading!! Thank you for putting so much into it.

It was so detailed and specific and totally right on... It validates the work I have been doing in my life. I already feel a greater sense of peace from it.

As I was listening, I couldn't help but feel impressed by your marathon recording session. I imagine you must get quite tired!! I am sending you my deep-felt gratitude for the work you are doing..."

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