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Client Testimonials


Danijela Juric

Osijek, Croatia

"Thank you very much for the reading, I'm so happy with it. It is so comfortable, such a relief, to hear that I am as I am and that I do not have to change or try to be better.

It is a pleasure to hear your voice and the way you say the things. It makes me feel very valuable. I am very grateful to you. Thank you.

I do recognize a lot of the things you say, but I never let it land. It feels as if you have given me through the reading permission to be as I am and that it is good the way I am. Thank you again."

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California, United States

"I just experienced having a Human Design Reading with Mr. John Yuill. It was so very worthwhile and very affordable at the same time.

I need to share this so that others may be blessed with the same opportunity. A few of my friends have also had a reading with John and are still commenting to me about how much it has helped them.

Personally this reading made me understand that the way I am is the way I was 'designed' or supposed to be. I could also see how others were operating in the world exactly the way they needed to. What a gift in just those two realizations alone.

This reading also imparts suggestions on how to make decisions in a way that serves you best based on your design. By learning what your 'Not Self' expression is then you can quickly know when you are out of balance and not living as your true self. Plus much, much more.

Please give yourself, and any one you care about, this gift of self knowledge and understanding wrapped in a new and unique experience with John as your wonderful guide. You will be so glad you did!"

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Miruna Constantinescu

Bucharest, Romania

"Thank you for all the effort and wisdom that you've been putting into my reading. What a long and amazing piece of craftsmanship. The preciseness, the sensitivity and respect with which you treat me and 'the reading' -- it touched me very much. Thank you again very, very much for this dear contribution."

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Kyros Fotopoulos

Athens, Greece

"The Venus reading encouraged me to live my life and not rely on teachings and teachers. That feels as a great gift. I feel more connected to my sacral and ever more in a responding frequency. You have given me a great gift by this reading and I'm very, very thankful for that."

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