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Client Testimonials


Francis Perry

Tennessee, United States

"My Foundation and Transformation readings from John were far more than I could have imagined. This gentleman is a perfectionist, not satisfied unless he provides the most complete access to all that Human Design has to offer. After that, it is up to the individual to study, absorb, and put it into practice.

Thank you, John, for your deep knowledge of Human Design and your dedication to making it available to as many people as possible. You have enriched my life profoundly."

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Josephine Andrews

North Carolina, United States

"Over years of comparing Human Design readers, web sites, reports and books, friends and I consistently turn to Genetic Matrix and John Yuill as our HD source. John's knowledge and delivery is simply the best in quality, quantity and value that we have found.

John’s readings are deep, meaningful and life changing. The depth comes from many years of studying HD and human nature and John's own drive to delve deeper than most and get to the 'bottom' of human mysteries. This adds to his readings an 'authenticity' that comes from 'knowing his stuff' and offers a deeper level of awareness and insight than most readings have.

The meaningful is that John seems to ‘know instinctively’ the information that people most need to hear at that time. In each reading I’ve had, he manages to uncover that key ''missing item'' that I have sought for years. Suddenly the puzzle pieces fit and my life changes... whether it be health, relationships or career. Who I am at the start of a reading is not who I am by the end.

Along with the incredible knowledge that John's readings provide, his 'delivery' of the information makes it 'digestible' and 'understandable'. John has the ability to explain difficult concepts in simple ways.

John's mp3 format proves to me that sound 'heals'. John’s wonderful voice and his compassionate nature allow me to 'hear' (versus blocking) and accept not only the positive aspects of myself, but the ‘challenging’ one’s as well. A written report cannot emulate this.

The best deal on the Internet for Human Design is John’s Foundation reading. It is worth experiencing (even if you've had one somewhere else). It is like getting a ‘book on tape’ about your own Self. It is deep, intimate, personal, sincere and life changing.

John's integrity and commitment to his work and the world; his belief that HD can change the difficulties people have in their lives (and with others) is reflected in his commitment to making such knowledge as affordable as possible.

John offers a variety of readings, each uniquely different and yet equally powerful. Thus it is that friends and I excitedly await the delivery of each new reading and continue to return again and again ... We love to gift his readings to others; and willingly wait for him if he's tied up elsewhere. His readings are simply that good.

Thank you, John, for all you give and most of all for who you are. I am grateful for the myriad of ways you have touched my heart and changed my life, as well as benefitting those I love."

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Bianca Agnelli

Roma, Italy

"Dear John, Grazie mille! Your reading has bought me so much peace and increased self awareness.

I will be telling all my friends about you! It is incredible that everything you said in the reading resonated so deeply in my soul."

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Stefan Holzen

Zurich, Switzerland

"My wife Helena insisted that I have a reading with you John. I was not so attracted to astrology and other such things because it just seemed so imprecise and "mystical" and of no practical value to me.

But your reading?....Unbelievable! I can see and feel myself in all that you said. Helena and I are enjoying a new level of understanding in our relation and we are very grateful to you."

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