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London, UK

Jullie name and location

" I will have to listen to the reading several times to let it sink in. What I have heard so far is profound, accurate and, in the parts I am unaware of, *extremely* helpful ( and I am especially relieved to hear that the first 6/3 phase eventually passes :)).

I will definitely recommend this to anyone and will shortly be gifting your service to another. ***THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH!!!***"




L.F. Canada

"I have had 2 Human Design reads before you. numerous years apart. I appreciate my previous readings as artistic but shallow and limited renditions of keynotes.

They were all very pretty. But YOU. You teach. That is a huge difference. You know your stuff and it gives me deep access to the paradigm. Like I said. Thanks.

I really appreciate your commitment to details, as you well know. I have never met anyone with such depth and knowledge as you. I will recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you again."



Mararoneck, NY, USA

"Thank you for the reading you gave me. I loved it so much that my boss would love to get a reading from you.

He is very intrigued by all of the things that I have been telling him about you.

I feel that you are brilliant and very insightful and he would benefit from the gift you have. "