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Client Testimonials



New York, USA

"Holy cow John ! I REALLY enjoyed the reading - a lot of really great, helpful information. I'm the 4/1 ego manifestor. Hearing about my design felt very validating on many levels. One of the biggest validations I got from your reading was an understanding of my unrelenting drive which never really made sense to me until now. . Now, I feel like maybe I have permission to put myself out there in a bigger way since if I'm understanding you correctly, it's part of my design. Big thanks to you and your work!"

4/1 Ego Manifestor, Single Definition, Juxtaposition Cross of Stimulation



New York, USA

"I thank you deeply for all of the time you have taken for my son's readings. It has been helpful in ways that you can never comprehend given that I am with him every day and can see exactly what you have highlighted to me that would benefit him. You are exceptional in [being able to] tell people what they need to hear and not what they want to hear. I deeply admire that courage and it is so very very rare. Again I Thank You for your time and your information is wonderful and I cannot Thank you enough on that level."

4/6 Emotional Manifesting Generator, Triple Split Definition, Right Angle Cross of The Unexpected 3



Connecticut, USA

"THANK YOU so much! This reading was so accurate and explained things to me that make so much sense - my behaviors, actions, etc. You were spot on! FYI - loved listening to your voice - it's so much more eloquent than our accents here in the US. Again - thank you so much."

1/3 Pure Manifesting Generator, Single Definition, Right Angle Cross of Contagion 4



Buenos Aires, Argentina

"This knowledge is like vital nutrition that feeds every aspect of my nature. As a professional artist and spiritual seeker of many years, I have been aiming to live my life purposefully and according to my essence. You have kindly and comprehensively given me invaluable tools to create my life via my design, the life manual I've always wanted. Your extensive knowledge and treatment of the information is done with such care and compassion, and so intuitively shared, that it seems to sink into my very skin. I feel an organic shift happening, and I am breathing lighter because of it. Please know that you have greatly helped another life."

4/6 Emotional Manifesting Generator, Triple Split Definition, Right Angle Cross of Planning 3