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Client Testimonials


Xueni Chang

Kent, UK

"You have helped me so much John. I was having real problems in my life and your explanation of my profile transitioning life process was a revelation.

You have brought me so much peace now that I understand the process I am going through. I look forward to my Saturn return reading!"

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Aliam Rizzi

Paris, France

"I had two Human Design readings before I met John. It was interesting enough to make me want to go further but all I could find was too expensive and short for me. When I found Genetic Matrix I had the feeling that I found what I was looking for. Talking to John via email was reassuring enough to make me go for a Foundation Reading. I knew that at this price and this reading length, my plate will be full, and it was!

Human Design changed my life for the best. It was like John knew me from the inside, better than my friends and family. Knowing nothing about me but my birth date, he was able to tell me about my qualities, the way I dress, the way people react when they are close to me. He advised me how to use my energy in the best way to earn money, how to enter into a relationship with a lover, how I can listen to my inner voice and authority to be healthy.

I am French, but John's voice and speaking are clear and slow enough that I understood it all: how to deal with changes, how to use my potential, when to withdraw. When I feel down and I don't know which way to go, I play the reading and lie down on my bed. It's like having my own personal wisdom speaking to me, telling me what to do to feel better and achieve things.

Before my reading by John, I was a little lost in a relationship and in my professional life. Hearing all this information was a revelation for me, because honestly, I knew a lot of it deep down, but I didn't let myself be who I was. After the reading I decided to follow it, to act on everything I knew to be right for me. All the extraordinary things that John told me, even the ones that surprised me at first, turned out to be right.

Now my business is flourishing, getting more and more successful every month, my relations are more at peace. The most important is that I love and embrace myself more than ever. Listening to a reading from John is like a travel within my own depths.

This reading is so valuable that I advised my friends to have one and they still thank me for it every time we meet. I had several readings for myself, offered one and I am planning on offering more to my dear ones, especially my friends who feel in need of direction.

I would have two advices for you: First, you should have this reading, You wont regret it ! And then you should act on it, trust it and trust yourself.......

I say this because it's all about who you are and what precious energy you can bring to the world. The only moral you should follow is your inner truth, or in Human Design terms, your inner authority. John will help you find your inner voice with care and intelligence of the heart. "

Make sure to listen to your reading over again. Each time you get something new out of it."

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Dayna Barrett

Florida, USA

"My experience with Genetic Matrix is priceless. As a Mental Projector with only the head and ajna center's defined, I am less than 1% of the population.

My reading made me feel as though I had found many explanations to the mystery of my design and gave me a feeling of connectivity and belonging. There is always something to learn about yourself.

Make sure to listen to your reading over again. Each time you get something new out of it."

 2/4 Mental Projector, Right Angle Cross of The Unexpected 1


Milica Radovic

Novi Sad, Serbia

"I had two readings before I found John. I was quite disappointed with the previous readings I received from these other readers. They were expensive and gave such limited information. I was not impressed at all.

But John was a breath of fresh air! His reading was extraordinary in its detail and clarity. He has a wonderful way of delivering this information in such a warm and intelligent manner. I will only use John's services from now on. He is the best."

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