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New Charts: Foundation & Foundation Transit – Mandala Views

We have released two new chart views for Pro and Advanced Members. These are the new format Foundation Mandala View and the New Foundation Transit Mandala View. Foundation Mandala: Foundation Transit Mandala: These new views are intended to simplify recognition … Continue reading

Introducing Tags: A more flexible way to organize your people & charts

We’re excited to announce that you can now use tags to organize your charts as a Pro Member of Genetic Matrix. Think of tags as customizable labels you can create and assign to people and charts as needed. You might … Continue reading

App Security Update – Fingerprint or MPIN

We are delighted to announce a more secure and convenient way to access the GM App. If you have fingerprint recognition enabled on your Apple or Android device the GM App will now utilize it. This is more convenient; there is no … Continue reading

New Charts: Cycle Charts – Keyword Views

We have released several new Cycle Return – Keyword Views for Pro Members. These new views apply to all of the following cycle charts: – Lunar Return Chart – Solar Return Chart – Venus Return Chart – Mars Return Chart … Continue reading

New Chart: Foundation – Client Chart View

Many of you provide Human Design Readings for your own clients. Often it is not appropriate to send a Pro Level Foundation Chart to a basic level client. It reveals too much advanced information that can be confusing for beginners. … Continue reading

New Chart: Foundation – Energy Circuit View

This is the new Foundation – Energy Circuit View. It is available on all Pro Member Foundation Charts. Here is a 3 minute video showing you how to use it. Just click the chart and the video will play: This … Continue reading

New Chart: Chiron Return – Predictor View

This is the new Chiron Return Predictor View. This is an automatic chart view. It is already enabled on all of your new and existing Chiron Return Charts. Just select this new view from the drop down list of views … Continue reading

New Chart: Connection – Data View

This is the new Connection – Data View. This chart reveals the deepest positive and/or negative fundamentals of a connection. Bar Charts Lines Each line in a person’s design brings a specific frequency quality about that person. First Lines are … Continue reading

New Charts: Uranus Opposition & Return – Predictor Views

We are delighted to announce two new Human Design Charts for Pro Members. These are the new Uranus Opposition and Uranus Return Predictor Views. These charts dramatically reduce the time required to understand what is important and what is not for … Continue reading

New Chart: Saturn Return – Predictor View

We are delighted to announce a new Human Design Chart for Pro Members. This is the Saturn Return – Predictor View. This chart dramatically reduces the time required to understand what is important and what is not for any Saturn Return … Continue reading