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New Charts: Quantum + Astrology & Mandala + House Views

Many of you combine Astrology with Human Design in your readings.

We are in the process of developing a new range of charts that will show Astrology information relative to a persons Human Design chart.

The first of these are two new Foundation Views for Pro Members.

These new view’s are designed to show the Astrological Houses and signs relative to a Foundation Chart.

There is significant convention and calculation variability with the astrological house systems.

These systems range from:

Whole sign

GM supports all of these house systems but we have selected the Whole Sign House system for these views. If you have a need for any of the others eg. Placidus just let us know and it will be added.

Astrology only utilizes Conscious Planets and does not show what is an active planet or not.

This means that astrology gives weight to an inactive planet in someone’s design. Clearly, this is not a correct assertion. These Genetic Matrix Charts do show which planets are active and which are not.

The two new views are called:

1 – Quantum + Astrology View
2 – Mind Mandala + Houses View (Whole Sign)


Quantum + Astrology View

Mind Mandala + Houses (Whole Sign) – View

These new views are intended to simplify recognition of the Astrological elements. 

– The Houses are shown in the outer white ring on the Mandala and colored boxes on the Quantum View.

– The astrological signs use known astrological colors and symbols.

– The mandala segment colors show the colors of the bodygraph centers.

– The Planets are Black (On – Active) or White (Off – Inactive) on the Mind Mandala. On the Quantum View planets in undefined white centers are not active.

– The Ascendant (Rising) Sign is shown on both charts.

– These charts can be created in PDF for printing / emailing.

– These charts can be zoomed to very large sizes for viewing and printing.

– These are automatic views that will appear on all of your existing and new Foundation & Foundation Mandala Charts.

Just select “Mind Mandala + Houses (Whole Sign) View” or “Quantum + Astrology (Whole Sign) View” from the drop down view list on any Foundation Chart in your account.

These new views are also available in the GM App.

Happy New Year to you all!


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