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New Charts and Functions within your Client Center

I am pleased to announce a large scale upgrade to your Genetic Matrix Client Center.

All registered clients have been automatically upgraded with these new facilities for free.

1 – New – All Foundation Charts are now “Foundation – Ultimate” charts.

This ultimate chart shows all of the unique detail in your design at the very deepest levels.

2 – New – Foundation Mandala Chart. A beautiful Mandala for you to play with!

3 – New – Solar Return Charts. You can now run solar return charts right through 2027!

4 – New  – Family Chart.

5 – All members can now create unlimited connection charts.

6 – New Search facility within your Client Center. Find your charts quick.

7 – New Sort and Filter functions within the client center.

8 – Changes to My People – You can now edit and amend all details of your people.

9 – New style Talking Chart display.

10 – New super fast payment system for ordering readings. No Pay Pal required.

If you are a already a member just login to your Client Center and play!

Or just sign up for free.

I hope you enjoy it all!