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New Chart: Solar Return – Predictor View

We are delighted to announce a new Human Design Chart for Pro Members.

This is the new Solar Return Predictor View.

This chart dramatically reduces the time required to understand what is important and what is not for any Solar Return Cycle.

This chart will enable even beginner readers to give a professional standard and accurate Solar Return reading with no training at all. Every element of the chart is interactive. You will be a master Solar Return reader with this chart!

In a few weeks, I will begin releasing video tutorials for this and other views. These tutorials will be a further aid to maximising the value in these charts.

This is an automatic view. It is already enabled on all of your new and existing Solar Return Charts. Just select this new view from the drop down list of views on any Solar Return Chart in your account.

This Solar Predictor View is also available in the GM App.