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New Chart: Foundation – Story Line View

We are delighted to announce a new Human Design Chart for Pro Members.

This is the new Foundation – Story Line View.

This view simplifies the process of understanding the Story Line for any Foundation Chart. Making it easy to understand and read.

Establishing and living one’s Story Line is the prerequisite foundation for the fulfilment of purpose. The Story Line establishes the life that the profile has relevance in.

The Story Line is established between the 1st Saturn Return and runs until the Chiron Return. This view shows the exact age timeline (which differs) for each Story Line.

Your Body rules the South Node Story Line and your Mind rules the North Node Story Line.

The Link Nodes are the only place that the Body & Mind have recognition of each other. The Link nodes are the assistance action verbs supporting the Story Line and thus hold the quantum design together through the agency of the Magnetic Monopole .

This is an automatic view that will appear on all of your existing and new Foundation Charts. Just select “Story Line View” from the drop down list on any Foundation Chart in your account.

This new Foundation – Story Line View is also available in the GM App.


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