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New Chart: Connection – Data View

This is the new Connection – Data View.

This chart reveals the deepest positive and/or negative fundamentals of a connection.

Bar Charts

Each line in a person’s design brings a specific frequency quality about that person.

First Lines are introspective. Second Lines are projecting. Third lines adapt to what is unexpectedly there.

Lines 1 to 3 are not transpersonal – they are not looking for anything outside of their own nature. They are called lower trigram lines.

Lines 4 to 6 are transpersonal – They are always looking towards the other. They are called upper trigram lines.

A predominance of lower trigram lines in one person Vs a predominance of Upper trigram lines in the other person can signify communication and understanding difficulties.

Energy Families
Every energy circuit operates at a certain frequency which becomes the continuity for all of the gate/line family members.

If one partner has an overbalance in one energy family Vs the partner in another this can cause communication challenges.

The logical frequency, for example, is sharing but also critical in nature. In a personal relationship this can create significant resistance. If the other person is predominantly Individual this is not sharing energy. It is deaf and stubborn energy. A mismatch in energy frequencies can cause significant problems in a connection.

Planet to Crystal Resonance
We are attracted (through mental authority) by the genes to what is not good for us.

But the genes are also designed to resonate to what is good for us.

This section of the connection data view shows which planets are resonating in one person to the Mind Crystal of the other person. Little or no resonance speaks for itself.

Mind Base Orientation
The Mind Base Orientation is in essence the fundamental communication fractal orientation and focus of that passenger.

If there is no correlation or sameness in the Mind Orientation there will be no true understanding between the two people in the connection. Communication will be riven with misunderstanding.

View to Crystal Resonance
On the Mind side the View is the color of the conscious nodes. That color is showing what that mind is looking for in people in the environment.

The View of Persona A should resonante to the Mind Crystal of Person B.

If there is no resonance this is not a “soul mate” connection.
– A Green arrow shows a fully resonant connection from A to B and/or B to A .
– A red arrow shows that there is no resonance. It is in fact dissonant.
– A Blue arrow shows that there is a natural harmonic sympathy. This is not resonance but it is better than dissonance.

Environment Fractal Resonance
We are all uniquely designed to be in a physical environment that nurtures us. This is where your natural social fractal is.

If the environment colors are different then the two people in the connection are meant to be in different places.

Thus one or both partners are going to end up in the wrong environment and that is physically unhealthy for the body and shows that the two people in the connection are not aligned to each others’ physical social fractal.

– A Green arrow shows a fully resonant connection from A to B and/or B to A .
– A Blue arrow shows that there is environmental sameness but a different relationship to that environment at the tonal fixing level. Eg. One person is Active and Observed – a Left Orientation. The other is Observing and is thus Right orientated.
– A red arrow shows that there is no resonance. The bodies are not designed to be in the same environment. This cannot ultimately be a healthy relationship for either.

In the coming weeks there will be a video tutorial for Pro Members with these Connection Charts as the focus.

This new Connection Data View  is an automatic chart view. It has been enabled on all of your new and existing Connection Charts.

Just select “Connection Data View” from the drop down list on any Connection Chart in your account.

This view is also available in the GM App.


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