GM Affiliate Program FAQ
How does it work?

When you register as a GM Affiliate Partner, you will receive a unique marketing ID link and access to marketing resources which have your unique marketing link embedded.

You can add these banners to your website or email your unique link to friends. You can also integrate your unique link into blog posts or any marketing media (business cards etc.). This is a great way to increase earnings from your existing clients and contacts.

Whenever your customer purchases anything from Genetic Matrix using your ID link, you will be credited with the affiliate fee.

Once a customer is linked to you, all Genetic Matrix purchases made by that person in the future will be credited to your affiliate account. It is your customer for life with one click on your affiliate link.

You can access your GM affiliate account from within your GM Client Center and see these credits as they occur in real-time.

You can also use the free Pushover App and receive instant notifications of your earnings via your Apple / iOS or Android Phone or Tablet.

How much will I receive?

The percentage fee that you will receive will vary according to the items or services sold.

Below is the list of each item and it’s earned affiliate percentage fee:

1 – Membership Sign-ups: 17.5% of the annual fee for membership sign-ups

As an example – If you introduce a client that signs up as a Pro Member you will be credited with a $17 fee instantly. You will also receive any recurring annual fees for each year that your customer renews their membership.

2 – Talking Charts: 17.5% of Talking Chart fees

Clients at any level of GM Membership (including the Basic free members) can purchase Full Multi-Hour Interactive Foundation Talking Charts.

Each Talking Chart has a minimum of 6 hours of audio dedicated to that persons design.

It is a perfect gift and is a excellent way for someone to truly understand their design in detail at an incredibly low price.

3 – Reading fees: 8% of Reading fees

There are 16 different types of Readings available currently from Genetic Matrix. If your customer purchases any of these, you will instantly be credited the affiliate fee.

4 – Consulting Fees: 8% of Consulting fees

Many clients have individual requirements for one-on-one consulting. You will receive the affiliate fee for these sessions when booked.

More Affiliate Partner Enabled Products Coming Soon

1 – Connections / Dating Service: This service will use Human Design as the foundation for matching members).

2 – Educational Services. This will include lectures and courses that have a practical and usable format.

For Example:

-“How to Read and Understand Your Foundation Transit Chart”

-“Solar Return Fundamentals”

-Planned are a variety of lectures and courses based on this same nature.

Our aim is to provide customers with practical and low cost ways to use Human Design in their lives without a detailed emphasis on theory. It is not our intent to provide a full curriculum or certification program. Courses are meant to provide the deeper, self-directed understanding of one’s unique Human Design without requiring months of class time.

As soon as your existing customers purchase any new GM product, it will be reflected in your affiliate partner earnings automatically.

Is there any limit to what I can earn from GM?

No – Your earnings have no upper limit.

When do I get paid?

-You will be paid automatically every month. You can monitor the payment amount (and history) within your GM affiliate area.

-All payments are credited directly to your PayPal account.

-If you do not have a PayPal account, click here to open one for free: PayPal New Account

What if the client changes their mind and asks for a refund?

This is a very rare occurrence but any affiliate fee credited for this purchase to your account will be removed if the client either does not complete the purchase or requests a refund.

How long are my links valid for when I send them to my customer?

The GM site tracks cookies on your client’s internet browser for 30 days. If your client clicks that link within 30 days, and signs-up for even a free account, it will be credited as your customer.

Your affiliate link is only removed if your client deletes their web browser cookies.

Affiliate links embedded in banners, blogs, business cards, email links, etc. never expire.


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