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The Dance of Venus and Jupiter

The night sky will be lit up by an extraordinary dance between Jupiter and Venus tomorrow evening.

For one night only above the UK, as my focal point here, the two brightest planets in the sky will appear to be dangerously close together – less than the moon’s width apart. This is only 22 minutes of arc apart. By comparison, the Full Moon is 30 Minutes of arc across.

This is a beautiful visual reminder to us all that we are living in a life program (The Mandala) and these filter agents (the planets) are constantly defining the designs of people being born “now” and the influence on all of our minds “now”. This is the program in action.


Those of you that are Full Members of Genetic Matrix can see this continual dance of the planets through the Foundation – Transit Chart. Create a “Now” chart for yourself and whenever you look at this chart it is a visual reminder of the influence on you and everyone that you will be meeting in that moment.

The GM Transit Chart below is run for exactly the moment that Venus will appear to be exactly below Jupiter in the night sky. That means they are in exactly the same Gate, Line and Fixing as each other. And, of course, this GM Transit chart confirms exactly what your eyes will be seeing in the sky.

A reminder to us all to pay attention to this transit program field because it has the power to influence your thoughts by turning these activations on in you. This is the program through the planets manipulating the content of your thoughts. So if you act on those thoughts you are acting on a command from the program – a “Not Self” decision that your Mind has commanded because of this influence.

So follow your true inner authority and you escape the program.

But realise that everyone that you meet is caught up in this program matrix and they are helpless. So tell your friends about Human Design and help them escape the program and live their own life. Not a life dictated by this program.

Where will Venus and Jupiter be in the mandala? The 4th Gate and 3rd Line exalted. What is the 3rd Line of the 4th Gate about? – Irresponsibility! There will be a lot of irresponsible answers about relationships flying around when this transit occurs tomorrow. The 4th gate is in the Quarter of Relationships.


I will be releasing a brand new interactive transit chart for Full Members within 2 weeks. This will allow you to click around your own transit chart and read about the influences you are under now or at any date time that you select in the future.

This new chart is a real-time program transit commentator for you!

It will describe exactly how the program is motivating and influencing your mind from moment to moment.