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Chart Calculation Differences

For some time many of you have been writing to me asking about chart calculation differences between the Genetic Matrix Human Design software and the Human Design software produced by Jovian Archive and New Sunware.

These chart calculation differences have become evident for several months.

Why are there suddenly these chart differences?

It is because I decided to change the source data for time calculations for Genetic Matrix charts several months ago.

I did this because I was not satisfied with the accuracy of the industry standard database for time calculation the Atlas ACS Database.

Genetic Matrix now uses an entirely different time source data than any other Human Design software in the world. So it is a genuinely independent calculation.

Jovian Archive in their MMI offline Human Design software and online software use the Atlas ACS Database for Local to UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) time conversion.

New Sunware software also uses the same method.

Accurate UTC is required for an accurate Human Design chart calculation.

After significant investigation I have found that the ACS Atlas database is fundamentally flawed and I am very unhappy to announce that most Human Design Charts produced by Jovian Archive and NewSunware for people born before 1966 in the USA (any state) are incorrect.

My investigations are ongoing for other countries but the results are known for the USA already.

It is clear that the Jovian Archive and New Sunware software do not calculate Day Light Savings Time (DST) for birth dates prior to 1966 in the USA.

This is because of the incorrect assumption that because DST was not law in the USA until 1966 that no DST was observed before 1966.

This is a flawed assumption and is incorrect.

DST was observed on a state by state basis between 1946 and 1966 but each state applied their own rules and implementations.

There are other years where DST also applied. 1918, 1919 etc.

The local time calculation of a chart must include DST where it was observed to be accurate.

All Jovian Archive and New Sunware charts between 1946 and 1966 for all USA States that observed the DST periods are thus incorrect. 

This is a period (1946-1966) in time where the USA population increased by 55.2 Million People.

Assume that ½ were born during each yearly 6 month DST period and that means approximately 22.5 Million people in the USA would be affected by this calculation problem.

All of these charts would be incorrect if calculated using Jovian Archive or New SunWare Software.

Here are some examples that you are welcome to verify yourself.

Name: Person One

Birth Date:  April 28th 1958 at 05:15 (Local Time) in Cincinati Ohio

Daylight Savings Time was Observed in Ohio between April 26th 1958 at 02:00  and October 26th 1958.

If you put these birth details into your GM Software you will see that the chart displays a UTC calculation time of 09:15 am

This is the same chart calculated by Jovian Archive showing a UTC of 10:15 am.

You will achieve the same incorrect results using or New Sunware software.

I would like to kindly ask you to notify anyone that you know who is using Jovian Archive or New Sunware Human Design software to re-check all of their charts against Genetic Matrix.

Anyone can create a free account with Genetic Matrix and create / save an unlimited number of Foundation Charts.

Please also be aware that this calculation problem also affects Cycle charts, Connection Charts, Family Charts, Business Charts, etc that include this person(s).