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App Security Update – Fingerprint or MPIN

We are delighted to announce a more secure and convenient way to access the GM App.

If you have fingerprint recognition enabled on your Apple or Android device the GM App will now utilize it.

This is more convenient; there is no longer a need to keep signing into the GM App with username and password every time the app is minimized.

Just authorize via fingerprint recognition and the GM App will open where you left off.

You will never have to sign in to the App again until you actually sign out permanently.

If you do not use Fingerprint security on your device then the GM App now supports Mobile PIN security (MPIN).

Within the settings area of the App there is a new MPIN Section.

Create a 4 digit pin and this will be your new MPIN to access the App.

To use this new functionality please go to either Apple Store or Google Play and update your GM App to the latest version.


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