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Advanced Member Subscription Changes

In striving to bring more value to Advanced Members of the Genetic Matrix site we have made the following changes to the Advanced Member Service:

Annual Membership Discount Offer 
From today, your Advanced Membership can be renewed on a yearly or annual basis.

The price for the new yearly subscription also includes 1 free month of service. So 12 months for the price of 11.

All Advanced Members now have the option of subscribing via a :

Yearly Member Payment or Monthly Member Payment

If you are a monthly member and would like to upgrade to this new offer please cancel your current monthly subscription. Your account will continue until its monthly expiry date and will then downgrade to the Basic membership level. At this point please re-subscribe to the Advanced Member Annual payment plan.

There is a new upgrade and FAQ page here:

Advanced Member Subscription Page

Talking Chart Reduction for Advanced Members
From today Advanced Members can purchase and gift Foundation Talking Charts for only $37 instead of the normal price of $47. A large saving of $10 per Talking Chart.

You can order Talking Chart’s at the new lower price from the Services page of the GM Website here:

Order Talking Chart